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Shades of Life Shades of Life - A Book   A Book by
Vasundhara Ramanujan,
Mohammad Akmal - MD

Foreword by
R Gopalakrishnan
Director, Tata Sons

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After nodding our consent to do the tests, we left his chamber feeling totally lost. I don’t know how we scrambled out of the hospital, but we knew that getting home immediately would bring relief.

It is difficult to maintain sanity when one hears of a very serious health condition. There is confusion. Thinking is clouded by doubt. Someone should objectively break through the brain cells to speak out loud: “Go slow; think with your head, not your heart; do not get swayed by emotions; be dispassionate. Try to quell all waves of emotion that could destroy sanity and an opportunity to do it right.”

Driving home, I checked with Aditya on his reactions. Shrugging his shoulders in a matter of fact manner, he said, “I don’t know, Amma … it’s so sudden.”

After a while he spoke, adopting a different tone, “But you know, what is there to doubt … such an experienced doctor certainly will know what he is saying … no chance that he will be making some random statement.”

  A book on Kidney Disease    

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